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Used Car Parts for Vehicle Owners in Wokingham

A1 Car Spares operate from a scrap yard in Wokingham where we stock used car parts for vehicle owners in Berkshire, North Hampshire and all surrounding areas. Operating under the umbrella of the A1 Group of Companies, our breakers yard uses ethical dismantling and depollution systems that see used car parts reclaimed for the automotive aftermarket. Purchasing through our company could save you as much as 80% on retail prices.

Our Wokingham scrap yard receives more than fifty vehicles each day and wherever possible, our dismantlers salvage reusable parts and components. Because we accept non-runners, MOT failures and end-of-life vehicles, local motorists have a reliable outlet available that accepts scrap cars in any condition. Our breakers yard has a dedicated used car parts department where visitors can purchase components for all makes and models.

Clutches, alternators, batteries and wheels are just a small example of the used car parts we keep at our breakers yard in Wokingham. Unlike traditional motor factors who have to absorb high overheads and expensive buy-in costs, we can supply parts to the public at heavily discounted prices. All used car parts are meticulously checked by our personnel to ensure they are in good working order and safe for secondary use.

Scrap Metal Ethically Reclaimed at our Wokingham Scrap Yard

Wherever possible, we try to recycle as many parts as we can. Even when we aren’t able to put components up for sale, our reclamation and depollution processes ensure that the majority of scrap metal from vehicles is ethically recycled. This eliminates the amount of waste our scrap yard in Wokingham sends to landfill sites. All scrap metal we recycle is reintroduced into production for future use.

In an age where the local breakers yard serves multiple purposes as a scrap metal recycling centre and a used car parts facility, road users in Wokingham have one of the best facilities in Berkshire and North Hampshire available on their doorsteps. Our continued investment into reclamation and depollution equipment ensures all of our local and regional clients can use our facilities with complete confidence.

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