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Answering Questions on Second-Hand Car Spares in Woking

At A1 Car Spares, we have many existing customers in the Surrey area who use us for second-hand car spares. Many of these customers come from the town of Woking, and they visit our yard in Wokingham to buy used car parts because of the money they can save on using traditional dealerships and factors, who sometimes charge exorbitant retail prices.

If you’re interested in second-hand car parts or haven’t been able to find used car spares closer to home, we recommend that you travel from Woking to see us. We have a huge stock range of parts and components available. Any questions you might have about our products, our services or our company are hopefully answered below:

Where do your second-hand car spares come from?
We have a sister company called A1 Metal Recycling which offers the best prices for end-of-life vehicles. Used car parts are derived from these vehicles, and we have current recycling rates in excess of the 95% deemed to be the industry standard. Customers from Woking who buy second-hand car spares from us are doing their bit to help the environment.

How do used car spares compare to prices offered by automotive factors?
In most cases, we can supply you with second-hand car parts at up to 80% off the normal retail price. Dealerships and automotive factors in the Woking area prefer to give discounts to trade customers only, so you’ll nearly always pay the highest price for new components. Used car spares provide a viable and more affordable option to help save on repair costs.

Won’t your second-hand car parts be lower in quality?
While any used car parts will have endured a certain amount of wear and tear, we make sure every individual component is inspected or tested before being made available to customers from the Woking area. Our second-hand car spares will provide you with good service and may even match or outlast similar OEM compliant parts sold by factors.

Will you have the used car parts I need in stock?
While there are never any guarantees, we usually have fast-moving second-hand car parts available for most common makes and models. This is because our sister company processes an average of fifty end-of-life vehicles on a daily basis. Most Woking customers have little or no problem finding the used car spares they need through our company.

Find out if we stock second-hand car spares for your vehicle by calling A1 Car Spares on 0118 989 4652. We cover the whole of the Woking and Surrey areas.

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