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Used Car Spares in Weybridge | Parts to Avoid

A1 Car Spares operates out of a modern scrap yard in Wokingham. We supply second-hand car parts to motorists in the South East region including those from the Surrey town of Weybridge. The parts we sell mainly come from a dedicated “Scrap My Car” service where we drive to different locations and collect end-of-life vehicles. We test the used car spares salvaged from these vehicles and offer them to customers at a heavily discounted price.

The typical end-of-life vehicle has many different second-hand car parts. A1 Car Spares has advanced depollution facilities at its scrap yard to cleanse “Scrap My Car” collections of fuel and fluid. From there, we break down vehicles and salvage the majority of working parts.

There are some used car spares we encourage our Weybridge customers to avoid. More often than not, these are second-hand car parts that have already deteriorated to a point where they are no longer suitable for secondary use, and will only break down further.

Should your car need the following parts, we advise you to buy them from new.

Exhaust Systems

Our scrap yard, situated 21 miles from Weybridge, recycles the vast majority of exhausts derived from “Scrap My Car” collections. The older an exhaust system gets, the more prone it becomes to cracks, holes and fissures. We prefer not to sell exhausts as used car spares unless they come from new or nearly-new models and have plenty of life left in them.

Add in the fact that exhaust systems accumulate soot and other types of debris, and it’s even more apparent why A1 Car Spares recommends purchasing a new alternative.

Wiper Blades

Some scrap yards sell wiper blades as second-hand car parts and this is fine for those who want to maybe buy a motorised system at a discounted price. Where these used car spares fail is in the rubber, which accumulates grime and wears down quickly with frequent use. This introduces safety risks because worn wiper blades won’t clear the windscreen properly.

At A1 Car Spares, we strongly recommend new rubber blades to customers from Weybridge even if they purchase reconditioned motors and frames from “Scrap My Car” collections.

Oil Filters

Oil filters are serviceable parts and unsuitable for resale as used car spares. Oil preserves moving engine parts and the filter keeps them clean from contaminants. Regular vehicle use circulates the oil and the more you drive, the sooner the oil filter blocks. This increases the risk of oil contamination; a hazard that could lead to costly repairs for Weybridge motorists.

It isn’t viable to use worn oil filters as second-hand car parts so our scrap yard puts them straight into recycling – especially as the comparative cost of a new filter is quite low.

Brake Pads

Brake pads have linings that work through friction and eventually wear down to the plate. A1 Car Spares checks pads derived from its “Scrap My Car” services carefully to see how much wear they have left in them. The majority of pads pass straight through to recycling. We never compromise the safety of Weybridge customers by selling worn used car spares.

Occasionally, our scrap yard reclaims pads and braking components from nearly-new cars but only if we can guarantee safe ongoing performance from them in the future.

Call A1 Car Spares on 0118 989 4652. Our scrap yard supplies used car spares at discounted prices to motorists in Weybridge and the surrounding areas.

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