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Scrap My Car in Guildford | Best Prices Paid

A1 Car Spares of Wokingham covers many different parts of the South East region including the Surrey town of Guildford. We sell used car spares and second-hand car parts direct to motorists from a modern scrap yard, which has innovative depollution facilities to control possible issues with fuel and fluid contamination. The majority of components we sell to our customers come from a dedicated “Scrap My Car” service for their end-of-life vehicles.

These cars usually consist of MOT failures, non-runners and accident-damaged models.

Because our own mechanics break down scrap cars themselves, they have a much better understanding of second-hand car parts than most employees working for motor factors in the Guildford area. We have modern referencing systems that help us to identify the correct used car spares for your vehicle, and these tie in perfectly with our hands-on knowledge.

If you’ve been looking for a scrap yard in the local area with a “Scrap My Car” service that promises the best price for your ELV, please contact us today on 0118 989 4652.

The Fairest Rates Paid for Scrap Metal

While used car spares and second-hand car parts hardly fall into the category of scrap, we have to use certain parameters to give our Guildford customers the best possible deal. Our scrap yard monitors the latest market rates for scrap metal and uses daily figures to offer the best possible price for those using our “Scrap My Car” service. We never try to generate an instant profit on a collection at the expense of losing you and your future business.

Instead, we remember that our profit lies in the used car spares and second-hand car parts reclaimed from your end-of-life vehicle, which we sell to customers at a discount.

Even hard-to-find car spares end up in the hands of motorists from the Guildford area at prices which are disproportionately lower than those charged by factors and suppliers for new alternatives. Scrap yards have a duty to treat you fairly, and to help you walk away from a transaction with suitable remuneration for the efforts you put into the deal.

A Simple and Ethical Scrap My Car Service

There’s plenty of competition in Guildford for your used car spares and second-hand car parts. We are just one of many scrap yards, locally and regionally, to trade for your custom. It makes sense that we’d want to treat you with honest and transparency. If we don’t, we know you could soon take your business elsewhere. To gain your loyalty and to earn your recommendation, we make our “Scrap My Car” service as simple and as ethical as we can.

A1 Car Spares travels from our own scrap yard in Wokingham to your location in Guildford, and arrives with a suitable recovery vehicle for the make and model you want us to take away. We assist in the completion of the DVLA paperwork, pay you for your ELV at the current market rate for scrap metal and even send the completed forms back to Swansea.

At no point will we ever try to take advantage of you or your goodwill.

After returning from Guildford, we remove fuel and fluids from your vehicle to make it safe and to stop the potential for environmental damage. From there, we strip down your ELV and add working used car spares to our extensive stock range. Some of the refurbished second-hand car parts we sell even come with a guarantee for your personal peace of mind.

We invite you to visit A1 Car Spares to source the parts and components you need. Our scrap yard is located on Highland Avenue in Wokingham, just 45 minutes from Guildford.

Call A1 Car Spares on 0118 989 4652. We offer Scrap My Car services to motorists in Guildford and all surrounding areas with the best prices paid.

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