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Used Car Spares in Fleet | A Motorist’s Guide

The constant struggle to produce more reliable cars doesn’t stop things from going wrong. Even something as simple as everyday wear and tear increases demand for new and second-hand car parts. A1 Car Spares, located at a modern scrap yard in Wokingham, delivers a helpful aftermarket service for motorists in Fleet who need a cost-effective replacement parts service. We salvage and resell used car spares for all makes and models.

And, should you wish to cash in on the scrap metal value of an end-of-life vehicle, we offer a “Scrap My Car” service that pays you instantly by BACS, cheque or pre-paid money card.

Second-hand car parts give motorists an economical choice that also offers protection for the environment. Buy from traditional factors or suppliers in the Fleet area and your new components will have undergone extensive manufacture – often at the expense of natural energy reserves. Used car spares essentially pay off the sustainability debt owed from their original manufacture and promote a culture of environmental care in the parts aftermarket.

Because A1 Car Spares has advanced depollution facilities at its scrap yard, just 11 miles from the Hampshire town of Fleet, we derive the majority of second-hand car parts from “Scrap My Car” services on MOT failures, non-runners and accident-damaged vehicles.

Identifying Used Car Spares

The first step towards an economical repair is finding the fault with your vehicle and identifying the used car spares it needs. Even one model of car will have multiple versions based on the year of manufacture so visitors from Fleet will rarely have a one-size-fits-all option available. Because the personnel at our scrap yard break down the vehicles sourced through our “Scrap My Car” services personally, they differentiate between parts easily.

Naturally, it helps if you know a little about second-hand car parts too. In doing so, your journey from fleet to our scrap yard in Wokingham will usually be more productive.

A1 Car Spares makes the following recommendations ahead of a visit:

Find the VIN

All cars have a unique vehicle identification number (VIN) which you’ll find in manufacturer data tables, in logbooks and on different parts of bodywork (such as the inner sills or on a metal plate in the engine bay). When you have the VIN available, we can use it to cross-reference different used car spares and locate the variants used on your particular model.

We also use the VIN to validate the identity of end-of-life vehicles. Should you ever use our “Scrap My Car” service, we’ll personally match the VIN to your V5C document.

Part Codes

Some factory and aftermarket manufacturers print or stencil a code onto parts and this makes them easy to identify. We advise motorists in Fleet to clean dirt and grease off a worn or damaged part before coming to our scrap yard. In turn, we can check matching codes on second-hand car parts in our stock range immediately and supply you correctly.

A1 Car Spares has advanced catalogue and reference systems that make the identification of used car spares simple. This includes the input of part and component codes derived from our “Scrap My Car” purchases so we know where to find everything quickly in the future.

Visual Identification

Experienced buyers from the Fleet area often know what to look for in used car spares just by seeing the part. Our scrap yard wants you to make the most economical repair possible. It’s hard to achieve this by continually returning to change second-hand car parts because of an incorrect selection. It helps to remove a worn part and to bring it to our yard with you.

This way, we can make side-by-side comparisons with the second-hand car parts in our stock range and guarantee the sale of the correct item each and every time you visit us.

A1 Car Spares strongly recommends you purchase the following items as new:

  • Exhaust Systems
  • Wiper Blades
  • Brake Pads
  • Oil and Air Filters

Don’t forget that we pay the current market rate for your ELV through a dedicated “Scrap My Car” service with handy collections from the Fleet area. This is how we locate so many used car spares. Our scrap yard uses advanced depollution equipment to safely remove petrol, diesel and fluids, and ethically salvages as many working parts as possible for resale.

Call A1 Car Spares on 0118 989 4652. Our scrap yard supplies second-hand car parts at discounted prices to motorists in Fleet and the surrounding areas.

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