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Second-Hand Car Parts in Berkshire | Car Recycling as a Growth Industry

Earlier this year, data compiled by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills showed that scrap car recycling rates reached 88.9% in 2013, the most recent year for which our industry has figures available. This represented an increase of 0.8% on the previous year, highlighting that motorists across Berkshire and the UKchose to use scrap yards in growing numbers for dealing with cars and vans at the end of their lifecycles.

The industry also reported a growth in the sale of used car parts.

Our company is a second-hand car parts supplier, trading from a well-known scrap yard in the Wokingham area of Berkshire. We were understandably excited to hear this news because it brings the UK ever closer towards the EU car recycling target of 95%. A1 Car Spares should meet this target, originally set for the close of 2015, during 2017when we finalise the year’s figures.

Until then, we can only wait with bated breath and encourage local motorists in Berkshire to use us for car recycling and depollution, and for the supply of used car parts that could save them up to 80% on traditional retail prices.

Our scrap yard processes upwards of 50 cars daily and has second-hand car parts available for well over 500 different makes and models.

The Reasons Behind Car Recycling Growth

There are many good reasons behind the current car recycling growth boom, not just in Berkshire but across the UK as a whole. One such reason is that motorists on the selling end of the scale receive the fairest prices for scrap metal, while those on the buying end love the deals that they receive on second-hand car parts. In fact, used car parts purchased from a scrap yard can cost just 20% of the price of those sourced directly from a motor factor.

Another key reason is that most consumers around Berkshire and the UK have increased their environmental awareness. Car recycling is an easy way to keep things green and to reduce wastage. Also, the second-hand car parts derived from recycling reduce demand for newly mined materials.

A third reason is that many car owners prefer to support local businesses, not the big-name international manufacturers. Purchasing used car parts from our scrap yard in Berkshire is just one way to keep money circulating in a local economy.

For A1 Car Spares, this is an exciting time to be a scrap yard and a supplier of second-hand car parts. The increased popularity of car recycling is an encouraging sign and we hope that you’ll continue to support our business over the coming years by taking advantage of the fantastic deals we can offer on locally sourced, inspected and tested used car parts.

Please visit our website gallery to see our facility in Berkshire at work.

Do you need second-hand car parts at discounted prices? Call our scrap yard on 0118 989 4652. A1 Car Spares is a car recycling and depollution specialist from Berkshire.

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