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Used Car Parts in Ascot | Depollution and Recycling

The small town of Ascot, located in Berkshire, sits within 8 miles of our combined scrap and breakers yard in Wokingham. A1 Car Spares, a subsidiary of the A1 Group, has a sizeable number of existing customers from Ascot who use us to cash in on the scrap metal value of end-of-life vehicles, or to purchase used car parts at discounted prices. By using safe dismantling methods, advanced depollution systems and modern car recycling practices, our scrap yard reclaims more used car parts than most competing breakers in our area.

In fact, we are one of the very few breakers yards near Ascot to have Authorised Treatment Facility (AFT) status, and a trade counter that supplies used car parts derived from our scrap metal recycling services – at prices up to 80% lower than current retail rates.

We process more than 50 scrap cars and scrap vans on a daily basis. Many of these end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) come from motorists in the nearby Ascot area. When a car arrives at our scrap yard, we depollute it by removing hazardous oils, fluids and contaminants. Any salvageable used car parts pass over to our sales department.

Our breakers yard accepts all makes and models, in any condition, including non-runners, accident-damaged vehicles and MOT failures. Any scrap metal we can’t salvage goes back into secondary production. A1 Car Spares can recycle up to 90% and more of your ELV, a target we aim to improve on year by year.

Used Car Parts from a Reputable Scrap Yard

Visitors from Ascot can purchase batteries, alternators, clutches and car body parts that we carefully check for safety, and to make sure we only sell them in full working order. Because we never have to worry about buy-in costs or overheads, our scrap yard can always supply used car parts at the most competitive prices.

We genuinely believe that our scrap yard is the leading local choice for second-hand car spares, and the place to visit for any motorist in Ascot who wants to save money on repairs.

A1 Car Spares trades from a breakers yard that doubles up as a scrap metal recycling facility. Many of the materials we handle come direct from ELVs. Thanks to the facilities we have in place, any scrap metal and used car parts we can’t resellgo into secondary production for future use. Our scrap yard reduces landfill waste by recycling as many materials as possible.

Our facilities, our reclamation processes and our depollution equipment, the most advanced available in or around Ascot, bring innovation in line with our own commitment to investment. A1 Car Spares makes a significant contribution towards a greener, more sustainable future, in the hope that our next generations will have a better world to live in.

Used car spares are the cornerstone of all operations at our breakers yard on Highland Avenue, but we also process most other types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.

Call A1 Car Spares on 0118 989 4652 or visit our scrap yard in Wokingham personally. We supply used car parts and pay the best local prices for scrap metal consignments.

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